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FAQ Page

Please make sure that you finish FAQ below.

Is it a registered charity?

Yes Help the needy is a registered charity by the government of Pakistan.

How do you spend donation?

Donation is spent on all projects equally and if the donation is specifically given for a project then it is sent to the projects.

How the projects are managed?

The main strategy to implement our projects is that ‘to benefit most people from the donations’. So we visit the area of implementation ourselves and monitor the projects till the end.

Can someone join this organization?

Yes. You can apply online for a full time/part time job or you can apply to be a volunteer.

Where are you Located?

. We are located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Where do you get your support from?

Till now we have done multiple projects which are respected by governments, our partner organizations, agencies, donors and beneficiaries. Thousands of donors support us and our projects in Pakistan and other countries.

Who are you accountable to?

We are accountable to government of Pakistan and every country where we operate, to our stakeholders and donors.