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Vision And Mission


Our vision is a restoring hope, ending poverty and securing the future of deprived communities.


Our mission reflects our role as a facilitator; helping to alleviate deprivation in Pakistan through empowering and helping the poor people by providing them equitable access to opportunities for decreasing the effects of poverty and for increased/improved quality of life by donor leveraging needy we want to improve the life standards.Making a nation of peace and equality where all people have equal rights to access basic needs. Having presence across Pakistan we look forward for sustainable country free of hunger, thirst, illiteracy, unemployment and uncertainty. As a part of our mission we have few specific areas of working through which we can help the poor based upon available donations and funding.

  • Water

Clean drinking water is basic human right. We install water pumps and construct water wells in areas where clean drinking water is not available.

  • Floods / Earth Quake

Whenever natural disaster takes place in any part of the country our team reaches out to help the people. We try to provide them relief by fulfilling their immediate need of nutrition by providing the Food Packs and necessary weather prevention material

  • Hifz e Quran

Most of the poor orphan children have no resources to education. Many widows want to send their kids for Hifz e Quran but due to financial hardship they fail to do so. We help such orphan kids by sponsoring their education for becoming Hafiz.

  • Rozgaar

We see many skilled and educated people affected by unemployment. To help such people we provide them access to toolkits to start their own small business. This module impacts towards deviation from hopelessness to sustainable dignified income.

  • Women Empowering

We promote a society where women have equal rights. Unskilled and widows and singles who have no access to literacy even we provide them with special skill training’s for stitching and tailoring followed by giving them a free tool kit and essential material to start their own respectable business which generates sufficient income to meet their daily needs.